ChikPOS: High Definition Point-of-Sales

Other advantages of ChikPOS:

  • Support for XBRL Accounting Standards,
  • Online store support which thus as a CRM can allow reviews, show top sellers, online brochures, online orders, mass email, club cards
  • Not locked to hardware
  • Superior business reports
  • Multi-touch support
  • Transformability

As a result of the external monitor display too, there is now Full HD (1920 x 1080) bluray quality video support!

The ChikPOS system also takes advantage of the modern technology of chat, where “sound” may not be utilized between employees.  In what looks very similar to “MSN Messenger” (now known as Windows Live Messenger), employees can find help very quickly.

Another innovation that has occured as a result of the external monitor display support, is “customer information support”, which includes weather, time, and news information.  This is what differentiates it from the Aloha software by Radiant Systems (the long time big winner), who recently acquired Quest Retail in 2007 for about US$54m.

The external screen also provides bored children with something to look at, something to burn time, in this time-short world we live in!

Another fantastic result of the external screen is the support for multiple languages.  This may not be all that helpful to English speaking nations, but in countries where multiple languages are spoken, or where the language of your employees are likely to differ from those of customers (such as Hong Kong Disneyland), you can overcome an age-old cross-cultural barrier using multi-language.

As a result of the extra external monitor, ChikPOS can take advantage of the “related products” feature, that uses a “smart” technology, to profile a customer, and market products that are “related” accordingly.  Finally, it looks like innovations are catching up in the bricks-and-mortars market.

Another benefit of the ChikPOS is its nativity for supporting a dual MONITOR (rather than a dual DISPLAY pole).  If you go on to the Dell website, you’ll find that the peripherals (Customer Transaction Displays), here:, are around $200, which are the same price as FULL HD SCREENS!

I tihnk the movement of ChikPOS towards High Definition is the right thing to do.

The opportunities are endless as a result of the extra screen.